NTC sensor-4

NTC Sensor


  • Element: Glass encapsulated bead NTC

  • Tube: Teflon

  • Sealant: Teflon

  • Lead wire: Teflon cable wire

  • Dissipation Constant: Ta: 25 = 2.5 mW/

  • Response Time: 20 sec

  • Resistance at 25: 2kΩ ~ 100k Ω  ohms

  • Resistance tolerance: ±1%,±2%,±3%,±5%

  • Operating temperature: -100 ~ 200


Glass encapsulated NTC is high stability.

This complete Teflon sealing type sensor is suitable applied in where the 100% waterproof is required. This series is your best choice because the teflon can rapid freeze at lower than -100 °C or can be used at higher than 200 °C.

Simple installation and multifarious-temp scope.


  1. Gas and liquid medium available.

  2. Excellent long time stability and lower consumption.

  3. Smaller dimension and Compact structure.

  4. Response fast and high accuracy.