NTC Sensor


  • Element: Metal Oxide

  • Coating: Epoxy Resin, Silicon

  • Seal: Thermoplastic Elastomer Molding (TPE)

  • Lead wire: TPE cable wire  

  • Dissipation Constant: Ta: 25 = 4.5 mW/

  • Response Time: 26 sec

  • Resistance at 25: 2kΩ ~ 100k Ω  ohms

  • Resistance tolerance: ±1%,±2%,±3%,±5%

  • Operating temperature: -30 ~ 100


Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) Overmolding is usually used in sensors which require 100% water- resistant. After molding, the outer pipe will be fused with the TPE cable wire, to prevent water from coming inside under normal use. If the sensor should be settled into the bottom of a sink, high water pressure is inevitable, so overmolding type would be the best choice. The lead wire will be compatible with material to the pipe and less option can be made. Meanwhile, the operating temperature is limited to below 100. Connector is selective, by different PCB and plug-in design.