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NTC Sensor


  • Element: Metal Oxide

  • Coating: Epoxy

  • Pipe: SUS 304

  • Lead wire: PVC 2651 #28-2C AWG

  • Dissipation Constant: Ta: 25 = 2.3mW/

  • Thermal Time Constant: t = 15 sec

  • Response Time: 1 sec

  • Resistance at 25: 2kΩ ~ 100kΩ ohms

  • Resistance tolerance: ±1%,±2%,±3%,±5%

  • Operating temperature: -40 ~ 100


Bullet–like stainless steel pipe has tip head, which can greatly shorten the response time of detection. This bullet temperature sensor is widely used in boiler, coffee machine, and steam machine. Other parts may be added to the sensor, including rubber O-ring for tightly contact and plastic wire tube for protection. The lead wire and connector are all optional, depending on your application purposes.